SDRL 2018 Round 2 – Vogrie Country Estate

SDRL 2018 Round 2!

Due to poor weather conditions

The format for round 2 will be a full day racing on Saturday with the data being used to seed the Sunday knockout groups. On Sunday you will race against the guys in your group to accumulate points, the top point scoring pilots from all groups will then enter the A knockouts and the bottom half of the table will enter the B Knockouts. Each heat will be run 2 or 3 times so even if you have a bad race you can still make it through on points.

Whether you think your a pro, fancy a blast on a proper track or just fancy coming along to watch, everyone is welcome.

Come see some of the best and worst Scottish pilots rip it up, F**k it up and smash it up!

Bring your drone problems and speak with experts about your gremlins or simply drink free T and talk drone all day with like minded geeks. If your a “noob” or a “im not good enough to race” Guy! This event is perfect to come along to and meet the guys and see what it’s all about. We we’re all beginners once! (and some of us will always be)

£20 Entry for 1 day or £30 for Weekend racing!
Includes Camping and unlimited Tetley 

Download track, coming soon!


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Entry Requirements

These requirements are compulsory.

Equipment and insurance will be checked on the day and anyone who fails to adhere to the rules will not be able to fly the event.

The SDRL 2018 pilot fee will be £20 per race or £30 for the weekend events, this is to cover the costs incurred such as equipment required for running the race smoothly, paying any land owner fees, and most importantly having prizes for winners.

* Valid FPV insurance

* Working Failsafe

* Up to 4s lipo

* 3 – 5 inch props

Registered Pilots

  1. MrThrust
  2. Suave
  3. Ruscky
  4. keiren
  5. Forgetful Bob
  6. LaserBee
  7. IBfrasey
  8. Buzzin G
  9. DroneGuy
  10. Pandy
  11. GavinL
  12. Tbag
  13. Boulder
  14. Barney
  15. Woody
  16. Quartz FPV
  17. siema
  18. steve fpv
  19. Dez
  20. MrT fpv
  21. Alan H
  22. Dangalf
  23. Flyingsandal
  24. Ty
  25. WanchooCo
  26. DEREK
  27. Kmac
  28. nub