Track Membership Registration Form

Annual membership for the track is £65, this fee is used to pay the council for the use of the land and also help build, maintain and improve the facilities.

Track passes will be issued by kooltoyz ltd & will be valid for 1 year from purchase date. Everytime you visit the track you will be required to show the pass on request.

If the estate gates are open then the track will be open, the estate gate times vary with the seasons so in peak summer it will be open from 8am-10pm.

All members must park in the carpark next to track and walk over, it costs £2 to exit the carpark.

The track will be self policing and members will be expect to fly and act responsibily in accordance with the track rules and the drone code, as well as be respectful of other members & park users.

All members will be required to have valid drone insurance before track passes are issue.

Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch with payment details, once payment is made and details are verified the track pass can be collected from Kooltoyz or at the track.

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