Edinburgh Drone Racing Round 1 2019 Registration

Next event is: Scottish FPV Racing Series Round 1 ;
Edinburgh Drone racing BDRA Scottish regional Event

2019/04/21 09:00:00

Registration deadline :

2019/04/17 23:59:59

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Entry Requirements

These requirements are compulsory. Equipment and insurance will be checked on the day and anyone who fails to adhere to the rules will not be able to fly the event.

Entry Fee of £20 for members of BDRA and £25 for Non members, this is to cover the costs incurred such as equipment required for running the race smoothly, paying any land owner fees, and most importantly having prizes for winners.

* Valid FPV insurance

* Working Failsafe

* Up to 6s lipo

* 3 – 5 inch props

Further information and updates will be posted here

Dalkeith Schools Community Campus

4 Cousland Rd,


EH22 2PS